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Digital Graveyards Project

This website outlines the work of theVirtual Graveyard & Cyber-Memorial research project. The project is intended to shed light on the different kinds of virtual graveyards that exist within the World Wide Web, and to provide researchers and interested individuals with access to academic literature pertaining to this area of research.


  • Dr. Angela Failler - Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and Canada Research Chair in Culture and Public Memory at the University of Winnipeg
  • Florian Martin-Bariteau - Assistant Professor of Law and Technology; Director, Centre for Law, Technology and Society

Projects by Hub Members

Mediations of the Québec City Mosque Shooting in La Presse and The Montreal Gazette

Research Paper by Aurelia Talvela

This Major Research Paper examines how two Québec newspapers, La Presse and the Montreal Gazette, reported on and explained the Québec City mosque shooting in their coverage during the first week following January 29th, 2017. First, by putting Muslim immigration and assimilation within the historical as well as socio-political context of Québec, this research will then adopt a cultural studies perspective to the news as an ideological and discursive tool to uncover how two representatives of the Québec news media framed the events and aftermath of the mosque shooting. This research employs content analysis and a “framing” approach to offer a deeper understanding of how these two newspapers made the Québec City mosque shooting intelligible and socially meaningful.