The Event:

By adopting Patricia Hill Collins’s analysis of media representations as constitutive of one axis of the matrix of domination, Dr. Yasmin Jiwani discussed how an intersectional analysis highlights a hegemonic economy that undergirds media representations such that the construction of worthiness acts as a valence separating out those that are considered unworthy of social attention and concern.

To illustrate these points, Dr. Jiwani drew on her research comparing media representations of Indigenous and Afghan women in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, and her recent work on media representations of Indigenous and Muslim youth.

January 23, 2018 In this presentation, Dr. Yasmin Jiwani will focused on Intersectionality as Theory and Method, paying particular attention to how it brings into sharp relief the contingent and relational dynamics that are at play in a critical analysis of media representations. Her aim was to highlight the utility of a comparative approach, which is often rejected on the grounds of essentialism and historical specificity. This event was held in partnership with The Feminist Media Studio