What to include in your journal and your observation notes


The journal is to record your feelings and observations when viewing and analyzing memorials. 



What were your reactions to the memorials you viewed or what were you thinking/feeling while doing the work?



Your observations should address the following:

  • What did you encounter?
  • How many of the POC accounts that you observed did not have any written content?
  • Pay attention to the patterns you are noticing across memorials
  • Look at the cultural capital of the person who is being memorialized. This also refers to what we are calling “cultural capital across generations


Cultural Capital

About cultural capital: We are trying to understand what makes people want to interact with memorials by looking at the cultural capital - which is a term by Bordieu that refers to the "social assets of a person (education, intellect, style of speech and dress, etc.) that promote social mobility in a stratified society" (wikipedia).

  • For instance, there was one memorial about someone named Big Joe who had a lot of people commenting and sharing stories, and he was also a man who had travelled a lot, and had a lot of business ventures in different parts of the world.


Cultural Capital Across Generations

Cultural capital across generations: refers to the role of the children

  • are the memorials written by children, grandchildren, etc., trying to recuperate the person they are writing about? For instance, there was a memorial where a son discussed how his mother couldn't read, but she was exceptional in many other ways and always valued the education of her children
  • Generational capital also refers to looking at the virility of life through the mention of children and grandchildren, and where they are located or what their professions, accomplishments in life are