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Phase Breakdown

Breakdown of the phases of the project over the next 3 years.

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Knowledge Synthesis Grant

The Knowledge Synthesis Grant (2017)

SSHRC Insight Grant

Proposal for the SSHRC Insight grant (2018)

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Our project explores the growing phenomenon of expressing grief in online platforms, namely, the privateness of grief and its public expression online. Accordingly, this project uncovers the extent to which online memorials are increasingly emerging as spaces teeming with therapeutic potential for the bereft, particularly those who come from disenfranchised and marginalized communities. Our discovery of 95 websites, 17 virtual graveyard mobile applications, 14 after-death/posthumous services and 20 pre-death services, illustrates the growing demand to help deal with life’s most inescapable tragedy.

Our research into the terrain of online memorials is grounded in a larger inquiry into the therapeutic value that may inhere in the practice of memorial writing. Charting out avenues that provide therapeutic relief from grief is crucial, given that the costs of
grief - economic and otherwise - can be crippling for so many. Further, as an outlet that defies the constraints of money, time and distance, online memorialization is proving to be a viable solution to the socioeconomic dilemmas surrounding grief, especially for those with the least access to resources.