Famous phrase saved for digital generation

  • By: Tom Sear / Great Lake Advocate

Lest We Forget. From Wollongong to Wundowie these three words are etched into local war memorials. They will be uttered by thousands at services in the dawn light on Anzac Day.
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B.C. hospice gives patients 'bucket list' experiences with virtual reality

  • By: Claire Hennig / CBC News

At a British Columbia hospice, patients are going on safaris to Africa, riding camels beside the pyramids of Giza, cliff jumping and experiencing other once-in-a-lifetime moments — all through a new virtual reality system.
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After death, don't mourn, digitize with sites like Eterni.me

  • By: Christian Hartmann / Newsweek

Can the Internet let you live forever? Johnny Depp tried it in the box-office bomb Transcendence, and now a new website suggests you “simply become immortal.” Eterni.me, a startup launched early this year, promises to create a “virtual you” that will interact with your descendants long after you’re dead.
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A Mortician's Tale Explores the Poignant - and Mundane - Realities of Death

  • By: Jonathan Ore / CBC News

A Mortician's Tale, by Toronto-based indie team Laundry Bear, deals with death in ways decidedly unlike most action-packed video games that often dominate the public consciousness.
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