B.C. hospice gives patients 'bucket list' experiences with virtual reality

  • By: Claire Hennig / CBC News

At a British Columbia hospice, patients are going on safaris to Africa, riding camels beside the pyramids of Giza, cliff jumping and experiencing other once-in-a-lifetime moments — all through a new virtual reality system.
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After death, don't mourn, digitize with sites like Eterni.me

  • By: Christian Hartmann / Newsweek

Can the Internet let you live forever? Johnny Depp tried it in the box-office bomb Transcendence, and now a new website suggests you “simply become immortal.” Eterni.me, a startup launched early this year, promises to create a “virtual you” that will interact with your descendants long after you’re dead.
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A Mortician's Tale Explores the Poignant - and Mundane - Realities of Death

  • By: Jonathan Ore / CBC News

A Mortician's Tale, by Toronto-based indie team Laundry Bear, deals with death in ways decidedly unlike most action-packed video games that often dominate the public consciousness.
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