How the internet is changing the way we grieve

  • By: Jo Bell / The Conversation Canada

In the past, a relative, friend, partner would pass away, and in time, all that would be left would be memories and a collection of photographs. These days the dead are now forever present online and digital encounters with someone who has passed away are becoming a common experience.
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How the digital age has changed our approach to death and grief

  • By: Tony Walter / The Conversation Canada
[Leonard Nimoy] used Twitter as a means to make peace with this fact, and to say goodbye to his friends, family and fans around the world with sayings, poetry, and wise words.
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Keeping off social media when grieving or vulnerable could help avoid trolls

  • By: Ciarán Mc Mahon / The Conversation Canada

When I read that Robin William’s daughter Zelda was deleting her Twitter and Instagram because of abusive messages in the aftermath of her father’s death, I recalled Richard Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene.
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