Sets up a “switch” that will send out pre-written emails to selected recipients if you do not check in, showing that you have passed on.

  • Free

  • Premium: $20 USD


A website that lets you create an autobiographical legacy and password protected messages that can be sent to your loved ones.

  • Free


An app that lets you keep a virtual journal that includes photos and videos. All entries by default are private. Users can choose to share entries with others right away or in the future.

Boxego is available as a website and an iPhone app

  • Free

Asks a series of questions that help create a personal profile. An area to store documents and to speak with a “Cake Concierge” representative to help with end-of-life planning.

Cake is available as a website and an app.

  • Online cake profile: Free

  • Concierge: $120.00 US per session

501(c)(3) non-profit that archives your personal memories (i.e. photos, journal excerpts about an event, documents) forever.

  • 5MB Space: Free

  • Basic 100MB Space: $19.95 US

  • Bronce 400MB Space: $49.95 US

  • Silver 1,000MB Space: $99.95 US

  • Gold 2,000MB Space: $179.95 US

An app that gathers all your data on the Internet into one area to help you understand your online persona and give you more control over how your data is shared. is available as an iPhone, Android, and Windows PC app.

  • Free

A website where users can share their personal life experiences and stories. It also provides the space to create an interactive legacy.

  • Free

Record your wishes and bucket lists for yourself and your family. Can be used as the foundation for your will. MyMoriam also has a free app available for iPhone and Android devices.

  • 3 month free trial

  • €12.00 per year

Offers support for the secure creation of online wills for US, UK and Canadian residents. Parting Wishes also allows users to create a personal memorial web page. 

  • Bronze Package: Free*

  • Silver I & II Package: $39.95 CAD

  • Gold Package: $89.85 CAD

For the secure creation of online wills. Along with a Last Will and Testament, Legal Wills offers a variety of services at different prices. 

  • Last Will and Testament: $39.95 CAD

With AfterSteps you can organize your funeral planning, store documents and information and select three trustees to transfer the information to.

  • $89 USD/Year

  • Lifetime Member: $499 USD

Allows you to store important documents and designate who should be in charge of the information when you pass. Consolidates your information into one location.

  • Standard: $49 USD/year

  • Premium: $90 USD/year

A directive registry that allows you to store vital documents and designate your medical wishes.

  • $55 USD/year

  • 5 Years: $175 USD

A way for you to leave directions about your accounts, digital files, and documents on your computer. You are given an area to store files on Estate Map. Estate Map offers a 1 week free trial.

  • First year: $96 USD

  • Renewal: $24 USD/year

A digital archive for storing important documents, funeral wishes, accounts and passwords--everything that a loved one should know in case of an emergency. You are given a maximum of 5GB of storage. everplan offers a 30-day free trial.

  • 75 USD/year

Offers security services to for important documents, delivering these documents to their beneficiaries when it is time.

  • Must register to see the cost

A secure space to store your online visual media and your documents. 

  • Closed

A space to store documents, write a will, share messages with loved ones, and even to create a memorial.

  • Prices range depending on the service that is used.

A highly secure space to save passwords and important files that can be entrusted to someone if something were to happen. SecureSafe offers 30-day free trial, it is also avilable in German, French and Italian. 

  • Personal: $4 USD/month

  • Companies: $9.50 USD/month

Brings all of your important information (finances, medical, digital) into one spot for you and your family.

  • Free