Episode 1: The Digital Graveyards Project – Interview with Tina FiveAsh

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As part of the Digital Graveyards Project, this episode focuses on a research trip attended by Dr. Yasmin Jiwani and her research assistant to the 4th Symposium of the International Death Online Research Network that was held at the University of Hull in England.

This conversation features Tina FiveAsh, an Australian photo-artist and founder of The Death Letter Project (deathletterprojects.com). The Death Letter Project is an initiative that reached out to 50 Australians and asked them to write a letter responding to what they believe death is and what happens when we die. In this episode, Tina explains what motivated her to start The Death Letter Project, how her project was received by the public and what the responses have led her to discover about our relationship to death.

Sponsored by Concordia University
Opening Music “Music for Bass Clarinet and Two Vibraphones” by Maxime Fillion (https://soundcloud.com/maxime_fillion_composer/)
Opening sound effect by Trip Sound
Music by Blue Dot Session under Creative Commons
Audio Edit by Shanice Bernicky & Émilie Trudeau

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