Meeting – May 23, 2018

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This meeting addressed the feedback from the SSHRC reviewers on the Virtual Graveyard Project and the beginning of analyzing memorials from a selection of memorial websites.

Summary of Discussion

  • One of the SSHRC reviewers referred to "virtual" as being outdated and so there was a decision made that going forth, instead of referring to the sites of study as "virtual graveyards" we would refer to them as online memorials / online memorialization. This better addresses the fact that we aren't just looking at websites, but also mobile applications, etc. 
  • We also specified that our analysis of online memorials deals with those that offer users the ability to add and interact with them -- posting stories, pictures, biographies, and the like. 
  • A SSHRC reviewer also had an issue with the phrase "lexicon of grief." Instead of this we will use vocabulary of death and this refers to how histories are recollected i.e. the words that are being used that are emotionally laden and what imagery is being used by those creating the memorials as well as by the site owners, in reference to visual imagery. 

Breakdown of Assigned Work

Memorial Analysis

  • This meeting laid the groundwork for analyzing the online memorials.
  • Each team member was given 9 memorials that were about people of colour, and then had to find 10 more memorials from an online memorial website that they were given. These memorials would be analyzed according the criteria found on the Memorial Data Template.
  • Deadline: May 28, 2018

For more information about the division of this memorial website, visit the following: Wednesday, May 23 Document

OMEGA Publication

  • Eventually the analysis work will cumulate in the publication of a journal article on the Vocabulary of Death in OMEGA journal.
    • OMEGA articles must be 5000-7000 words and in APA format
    • abstracts are 100-150 words, and there is up to 5 keywords

Pop Culture Reference

  • Each team member was asked to look for a show or film that focuses on death or dying 
  • This piece of media must be something that occurred post-9/11


Readings for reference that were suggested this week:

  • Douglas Kellner - Chapter 1 of Media Spectacle
  • Yasmin Jiwani - Obituaries as Markers of Memory

Both of these readings can be found in the Articles for Reference folder. 

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